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In the professional studio of Douglas
you can expect the very best commitment & results!

Please visit  my endorsement page for accurate assessments of my teaching track record.

*Pathways to the discovery of sounds and what they mean through an enjoyable journey of technical and artistic exploration. 
*Demonstrations and explanations of solid, healthy, innervated vocal technique leading to beautiful, expressive singing in every kind of repertoire genre from classical to pop.
*A positive and constructive learning environment that is based on instilling knowledge, values and goals for an enriching musical life.
*Vocal diagnosis and regeneration of physiological responses through healthy singing and preventative care to avoid/overcome problems associated with those entering the studio with improper training and/or damaged voices from unhealthy use.


* Effortless, vocal freedom!  Singing with beauty, flexibility & power!
* Vocal Technique ~ Building & Regenerating the instrument of song
* All ages welcome ~ beginners to professionals
* All styles of vocal repertoire:  Classical to crossover contemporary
*Baroque Ornamentation & Stylistic Interpretation of various epochs
* Role preparation & analysis, music/dramatic coaching & integration
* Concert/Audition Preparation & Accompanying
* Diction/I.P.A. Coaching - All languages
* Sight-Reading & Aural Skills Training - Solfege/Solfeggio - Z. Kodaly
*RCM ~ Royal Conservatory of Music exam preparation

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Douglas is a teacher of the highest order.  He is sought after for his excellent ability to produce great singers, even when beginning with people of all ages with little or no vocal training.  His research and development into the human voice is testified when listening to his voice students.  His acute diagnostic abilities combined with a concrete, concise pedagogical ability to communicate his approach in singing is coupled with his engaging  and generous personality making him a first class voice teacher.  Both a strong pedagogical/academic and highly praised singing career bring a wealth of vital information to the development of a first class singing studio.  What makes him an excellent teacher is that he is not only an expert in the field of vocal pedagogy; but Douglas is, himself, a highly accomplished tenor capable of demonstrating what the voice student requires.  Furthermore, and very importantly, he is able to succinctly articulate in a concrete, informative manner all the logistics and specific knowledge of how the voice functions both scientifically and artistically.  Your vocal issues will be identified and absolutely rectified from the beginning of your training.   Most of all, Douglas' charming disposition and engaging personality always inspires his students to set and meet their individual goals. 
​Whether you wish to sing Opera, Oratorio, Contemporary or Music Theatre, a solid vocal technique and mastery of breathing technique is absolutely necessary.  Douglas is recognized for his reparative work with singers who have previously received false training from another 'teacher' and/or damaged their voices through improper use and abuse.  Douglas corrects vocal faults through his regenerative training, drawing upon an international reserve of historical and modern pedagogical sources that ensure absolute results which free the voice; allowing it to blossom with a healthy, resilient, easy, & highly innervated natural tone production.  For this reason, his students are widely recognized and perform on stages throughout the world. 
Douglas obtained a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University. He obtained a voice diploma at the Britten-Pears School for Advanced Musical Studies.  His Graduate studies were received in Boston at the New England Conservatory of Music.  Further studies in Austria, Paris, Germany, Holland and other countries with famous teachers, garnering continued investigation into the science and art of singing.
​Douglas continues to grace the stage in a professional career as a lyric tenor, performing on international stages in all genres of music.  From Hamburg, Bonn, Bilbao, Cologne, Cannes, Tel Aviv, New York and much more - Douglas continues to engage himself in a full performing and teaching career, bringing his entire artistry to  the stage and his voice studio as a musical mentor par excellence.  Moreover, Douglas serves as an adjudicator, guest masterclass clinician and is regularly invited to teach in various colleges in both Canada and Germany.  Douglas is noted also for his poetic/musical compositions and accompanying skills.  Mr. Von Edelmann is a member of various international organizations for singers and music teachers. 

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