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“Douglas is a superb teacher. He has everything a great singing teacher needs and more than most have. He is an excellent singer, superb musician and highly accomplished composer himself, so he can do what he teaches others to do. He has a vast knowledge of music and an unbeatable record in the vocal arts, starting in them, as he did, when he was very young, giving him a wealth of experience. Thirdly, he is dedicated to his work and this ensures an extremely high quality of service. Furthermore, Douglas is a very patient teacher, sensitive to the needs of those he teaches and cognizant of the best method to overcome problems and difficulties encountered along the way for that particular individual. In other words, he knows how to tailor tuition to the various talents and ranges with which he has to deal. In addition, Douglas can accompany his pupils on an instrument while they sing - something not all teachers offer.  I would say that Douglas is guided by a stalwart belief in quality and in attaining the best you can out of the resources at your disposal. He believes in doing things the best way and being the best you can be. It is this strong conviction that makes him a tour-de-force as a tutor.  Douglas was my singing teacher for a year and I was extremely pleased with my progress under his aegis. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any individual or organization.”

In conjunction with performing and recording, Douglas serves as an adjudicator for vocal & piano competitions in International festivals. and competitions.  Douglas dedicates a considerable vitality to his teaching and diagnostic work in the physiology of the human voice.  In between his performance and teaching engagements Douglas is frequently asked to do master classes with singers on vocal technique and repertoire at the university level.  He has taught at several international secondary school institutions in several countries, and also maintains a private roster of students online and live.  Whether classical or other genres of music, Douglas has trained and re-conditioned voices previously exposed to counterfactual or amateur training, rehabilitating and conditioning students in a positive, stimulating and informative sphere, putting a solid technical base at the forefront of his teaching expertise.  His sole objective is to ensure that all students develop and master their full artistic potential through technical principles and objectives that focus on fostering a free functioning, highly innervated, and fully realized voice offering solution based lessons that optimize the results for becoming a complete singer.   Douglas is also a solid pianist and accompanist, often accompanying his own students in public performances.  His extensive skills in playing the piano are also an asset to his in studio work preparing students for auditions, competitions, and performances.  Many of his students appear in opera, oratorio, musical theater, and many genres of music in Germany, Sweden, other European countries, Canada, Australia, and the United States of America.  Douglas' strong research skills and natural inquisitive disposition result in an insatiable quest to deepen his continuing knowledge and exposure in both the Bel Canto singing tradition, as well as contemporary vocal techniques that also result in healthy, resilient singing.  To book lessons with Douglas, or engage him for Masterclasses and as an adjudicator, please click the button.

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