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New Classical Recording of 

Handel & Mozart Arias Featuring Tenor

Douglas Von Edelmann

Vocal Book Publication

currently in progress

Written By 

Douglas Von Edelmann


"Praise for the Velvet Curtain!  Musically Beautiful & Visually Amazing!"

"The TVC Production of Purcell's Opera, Dido and Aeneas, is astounding.

Fabulous baroque performance style and superb interpretation of a classic opera!"

"The Velvet Curtain Ensemble was great!! Beautiful sounding and looking - very professional! My colleagues who attended their Debut also loved them! We will definitely be attending the February inaugural concerts. The singers have done an amazing job with their musicality and voices!  Congratulations to The Velvet Curtain Ensemble!"

Great production last night!

We think it was the largest evening concert crowd we can remember at the church.

​The Ensemble and Soloists were first class. 

Loved La Traviata and the Ensemble, so diverse and strong!

"They were the best part of the show!!" Voices of Hope

"I am definitely attending your next concert!" 

"What an incredible sounding group!"

"You made me cry with your performance!" 

"Fabulous energy, blend and musicality!"

"I had tears in my eyes when they were singing!

I'll be humming their music for days to come!"

"The Velvet Curtain Ensemble is a force to be reckoned with!  A solid vocal sound that is nothing short of first class.  From the moment they entered the stage it was evident something great was about to happen!  They're deportment, exquisite, energetic and effortless singing puts them in a distinctive class of singing and musicality!"

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