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Llywelyn Golesworthy - Berlin, Deutschland

“Douglas is a superb teacher. He has everything a great singing teacher needs and more than most have. He is an excellent singer, superb musician and highly accomplished composer himself, so he can do what he teaches others to do. He has a vast knowledge of music and an unbeatable record in the vocal arts, starting in them, as he did, when he was very young, giving him a wealth of experience. Thirdly, he is dedicated to his work and this ensures an extremely high quality of service. Furthermore, Douglas is a very patient teacher, sensitive to the needs of those he teaches and cognizant of the best method to overcome problems and difficulties encountered along the way for that particular individual. In other words, he knows how to tailor tuition to the various talents and ranges with which he has to deal. In addition, Douglas can accompany his pupils on an instrument while they sing - something not all teachers offer.  I would say that Douglas is guided by a stalwart belief in quality and in attaining the best you can out of the resources at your disposal. He believes in doing things the best way and being the best you can be. It is this strong conviction that makes him a tour-de-force as a tutor.  Douglas was my singing teacher for a year and I was extremely pleased with my progress under his aegis. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any individual or organization.”

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Mourasia Duffus - Belleville, Canada

“If teaching singing would be equated with teaching the art of playing chess, Douglas is a grandmaster of voice teaching.  Douglas has been my son's only voice teacher for eight years, since the age of nine.  Small beginnings in his musical journey have led to great success, in every way, thanks to Douglas.  As the week and months passed, with each passing year, my son's vocal development has gone from strength to strength.  My son is now seventeen and has been offered acceptance letters with very high scholarship offers to the top universities in Canada to study voice.  The patience, humor, high regard, high expectations, and professionalism Douglas demonstrated toward my son, and myself, is second to none.  As a parent observing Douglas' responsible engagement with his students, I know he is truly a grandmaster of vocal pedagogy.

Naomi Dowber - London, Canada

“I have been a student of Douglas Von Edelmann for four years.  He has helped me develop and improve my voice enormously.  With his guidance, I have discovered that singing is my passion, and would like to make my career in music.  Based on recent auditions, I have been offered several generous scholarships at various universities, and will begin my undergraduate studies in voice at the University of Western Ontario.”


Dante Duffus - London, Canada

“Douglas Von Edelmann is a very talented, committed voice teacher and singer who is the perfect person to nurture a voice in a healthy manner for agility and longevity.  I have been studying with him for eight years since the beginning of my journey as a boy soprano.  I can confidently say that my growth as a singer under Douglas' tutelage has been incredibly beneficial, and has created the tenor voice I have today.  Douglas' teaching methodology is multifaceted and incorporates a full understanding of the many parts of vocal pedagogy and stylistic interpretation of repertoire.  He stresses the importance of these teachings for proper care of the voice and the steady progression of his students.  I recommend Douglas to all who wish to fully explore technical and stylistic components for health, vibrant vocal development.

Eden Redding - London, Canada

“I have trained with Douglas for eight years. In this time I have acquired secure vocal skills, extended range, and stable technique.  Douglas has helped me to unveil my fullest potential with a technical approach that is both healthy and reliable.  Through my training with him I have received many opportunities and successful outcomes from competitions, professional engagements, and connections into the industry. I am more confident in my voice, and sure of my artistic abilities.  I have learned so much about nurturing my voice whilst learning to incorporate stylistic differences in a wide variety of repertoire, assuring me of a career with longevity and vocal health.

Derek Barnes - London, England

“Douglas is an expert in voice and an accomplished performer and educator with across the board skills that go into composing and musical direction. An entrepreneur and a facilitator.”

Judy McKnight ~ QRMF Adjudicator Liason

"Douglas was an excellent teacher and a fantastic coach for students competing in the Quinte Rotary Music Festival Voice Competitions.  He taught the skills and vocal technique that greatly helped to improve the performance of their chosen pieces.  Many students, parents, and local teachers praised his work during the week, and have asked to have him come back again to adjudicate our festival.  Our committee would highly recommend him to any festival that is looking for a highly qualified, friendly, approachable, flexible adjudicator, who will leave the participants eager to continue in their musical studies and strive for more excellence."

Jeann Hartley - California, USA

“Douglas Von Edelmann has shown to be one of the most technically sound and musically talented teachers of singing.   His caring, careful attention to a students needs and challenges make him first choice for singers who wish to excel in their art.  His own performances are brilliant and breathtaking to hear.   I not only recommend you get in the cue to study with him  but hasten to the nearest ticket outlet to take in the wonder of his voice.  I only wish I was living closer to take part in his master classes, private lessons and performances.  It is not out of the question that I will be having my own lessons with him via skype or telephone very soon.  He is a great friend and giving professional.  Keep an eye out on  his career , while already wonderful, is just beginning!"

Dr. Markus Ernsting - Toronto, Canada

"Singing well is based on sensations for  vocalist and detected by the listener, teacher and audience.  While a good voice sounds free and easily created when the organ of breathing and organ of singing work in synergy together, it is clearly a matter of technical specificity.  The experience of working with Douglas to train and test these fine physical reflexes is intriguing:  He both hears and captures the underlying physical organic physiological approach, and fluidly iterates the training to target the technique.  His diagnostic ear and knowledge coupled with his technical and pedagogical clarity combines with a complete understanding of musicality and various genres from the vocal repertoire.  There are no short cuts to developing a true vocal technique, but his approach is one of steady and consistent analysis and progression which is itself entirely rewarding.  Apart from training in his studio, I am fortunate to be putting my singing skills to practice in The Velvet Curtain Ensemble and other musical arenas where technical and musical proficiency is demanded."

Michael Totzke - Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher!  You really are!  I found the whole experience performing and listening to other students in your Studio Concert very touching.  I was especially moved by the young ones, who you've given the courage to get up there in front of people and sing out.  What gifts you have:  To sing; to help others to sing; to inspire, encourage and be a force for good in this world.  I really cannot thank you enough! To quote the first 45 Record I bought when I was 10 years old:  If you wanted the sky, I would write across the sky in letters that would soar a thousand feet high 'To Sir, with love'. 

Melody Yang - China & Canada

"Douglas is a music instructor who would inspire everyone through his passion and enthusiasm toward music.  It is always enjoyable to g0 to his lessons.  He is very organized and always energetic!  He knows how to structure learning with goals in a positive and encouraging manner"  

Whitney Zaenker - Chicago, USA

“Douglas is an amazing vocal teacher.  His insight into singing & life is something that is invaluable and such a kind soul is rarely seen.  After studying with other teachers and left vocally unprepared for the profession, followed by two years of not singing and being 'vocally broken' after being told I would never sing again, Douglas gave me the courage and faith to try again and helped me come back to the thing I love in a way that was uplifting and comfortable.  His knowledge of voice physiology and how to connect the voice with the body based on a solid breathing technique is extensive - he knows what works and doesn't work.  Truly a marvel at how a vocal teacher can be such a great mentor and friend!  I would highly recommend him as a vocal coach, especially those who have damage to their instrument.  Being able to defy a doctors diagnosis is not always possible but in my lucky case it was nothing short of modern magic."

Cheryl Brauer - Scotland

“Douglas Von Edelmann is a fantastic voice coach - he is encouraging, supportive and can teach anyone how to sing beautifully. I wholeheartedly recommend Douglas to anyone looking for a fun and effective voice teacher.”

Professor Naomi Morgenstern - Philadelphia, PA, USA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Douglas as my vocal teacher since 2012.  I had studied singing twenty years prior to meeting Douglas, and I was not at all sure that I would benefit from returning to lessons.  But although I have worked with a number of teachers in the past, I have encountered none who display Douglas' command of technique and of the complex physiology of singing.  It is exciting and extraordinarily motivating to take lessons with Douglas, and even though I am now in my mid-forties and have been away from singing for many years, Douglas has demonstrated that I can develop as a singer in ways I had not imagined.  Douglas teaches singers at many stages in their lives and with a wide range of abilities and stylistic interests; and he has an extensive knowledge of musical repertoire and an unusual ability to assist in repertoire choices for developing the voice.  In his teaching as in his conducting, he has a genius for combining technical expertise with a profound appreciation for the importance of expression through music.  I addition to being a great musician himself, Douglas is very attuned to his individual students and is adept at hearing where they are in their own musical development and what they most need to improve.  He is extremely generous with his time, and one never has any questions about his passion for teaching singing, music or his commitment to his pupils and his profession.  He is an impeccably organized and absolutely reliable teacher, director and conductor, and he is a warm, supportive and nurturing teacher.  I feel very fortunate to have also had the opportunity to sing in Douglas' ensemble & productions, and to learn from such a brilliant singer/teacher & musician.  As Shakespeare said, "(his) golden touch could soften steel and stones/Make tigers tame and huge leviathans/Forsake unsounded deeps to dance on sands."

Gary Iannacone - Montreal, Canada

“I had the pleasure of studying voice with Douglas Von Edelmann some years ago, having first come in contact with his teaching in a summer intensive workshop that he led.  His energy and talent shone through as he guided me through a very demanding, well structured program of understanding how to unlock my voice - to sing based on solid physiological responses and reflexes of my entire instrument.  His level of understanding and ability to layer this knowledge in the physical responses of his students at precisely the right moment in their training is itself a mystery.  The lessons were exquisitely structured, and he bounced with an excitement all the time because clearly teaching and singing is his passion!  Technically, Douglas aims for something that I would describe as an organic set of principles in breathing and how it relates to the entire body.    There is no pushing, shoving, forcing or squeezing - only grace, singing on the breath and an openness that is supported by a fine tuned alignment between the larynx and diaphragm.  He instills a sense of making the musical imagination entirely dependent on the free set of physical responses through a detailed 'sensation based approach' to the intrinsic and extrinsic structures of the larynx and how they interconnect with the diaphragm and throughout the entire body.  There is no stress of singing since it is carried by the body and never by the larynx, giving way to an absolutely free, unobstructed singing voice capable of emitting various colors and ever widening the range of artistic expression in all genres of vocal repertoire, be it opera to music theatre, pop or jazz!  Further to this, Douglas has an open spirit when he sings and teaches, somehow fostering and nurturing this in his students; which invariably enabled me to grasp concepts from a place of enthusiastic and results-oriented learning - time and money well invested.  He has a very giving, focused, warm and generous character;  it is obvious when working with him that he shoots for the stars!  His enthusiasm for singing is infectious, his love for music and knowledge encompasses a never-ending process of diagnostic analysis and careful consideration of all factors in singing.  Transferred then in a way that is tangible and accessible to even the least experienced voice student.  This combined makes for some kind of radiance and process of infinite possibilities.  It would be an arduous task to describe him as a teacher, he is simple in his approach and yet there are layers to him that make his teaching undefinable in only one paragraph.  He seems to breathe and live for singing and sharing his understanding of how the art and science of singing are wed together, and successfully transfers this link.  Nevertheless, I am proud to be in constant contact with Douglas as a colleague and friend.   Anyone who works with him shall be very blessed to be under his tutelage by placing their instrument in his trusting approach to unlocking the true nature of the singing voice.  Discovering and finding ones unique, beautiful, liberated singing voice designed by nature is like finding a lost treasure."

Joydeep Chakravarti - California, USA

"Douglas is a tremendous talent in the performing arts. I know Doug as an award musician, actor and director. Anything he touched was destined for greatness. While Doug is driven and focused on perfection, he has an easy manner and is always friendly and approachable. All this while holding on to a strong academic record.”

Lilac Cana - Toronto, Canada

“Douglas Von Edelmann is a multi-talented and highly motivated musical artist, with whom I have enjoyed several creative ventures. He produced and directed a successful season of musical favorites in Toronto, one of which was Mozart's "Der Schauspieldirektor" (The Impresario)- in which I performed the role of Mademoiselle Silberklang. Under his musical direction, as well as with his ability to put together a dynamic team of cast, crew, and supporters/donors -- our performances were well received by audiences and critics alike. His unique musical vision has manifested into several original compositions, most notably his contemporary opera "Harvest Sky", in which I had the privilege to give the world premiere performance of the role of Love. Whether Douglas is composing, producing, conducting, directing, or teaching music -- this prodigious individual brings great focus, expressiveness, clear communication, and enthusiasm to all his creative projects. It is always a pleasure to work with Douglas.”

Martin Georgievski - Toronto, Canada

" My mentor and friend for life.  God bless your vocal ministry Douglas!"

Frank Carlesimo - Montreal, Canada

“I have known Douglas for over 4 years. In that time, I have come to appreciate him as a consummate professional and as someone I am proud to call my friend. Douglas has the capacity to focus on a task or goal like few people I know. His skills as an artist have shown me what it means to lead without leading, and how to communicate effectively and passionately. He is a natural in these two areas. He has an uncanny ability to clearly and openly communicate with various kinds of people from different professions and cultures. In each instance, he presents himself professionally and authentically. As such, he is capable of garnering great trust and connecting with his colleagues in a persuasive and positive manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Douglas for his skills and talents to anyone that is interested in offering him a job opportunity."

Christopher Hoover - Toronto, Canada

“I've had the pleasure of hiring Douglas to entertain at a number of events. He is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Douglas.”

John Joseph Mastandrea - Toronto, Canada

“Douglas Von Edelmann is a brilliant Project Manager and creative designer. I have worked with Douglas on Entertainment benefits where he displays exemplar ability in Creation, Design, Facilitation, Implementation of the Event. I would recommend Douglas as a Producer, Director and Production Coordinator for single events and ongoing projects.”

Peter MacMillan - Toronto, Canada

“Douglas is full of positive energy and enthusiasm. His musical talent (both vocal and piano) is very impressive. All of the aforesaid combine to make for a great writer, entertainer, organizer of concerts and teacher.”

Florian Voss - Germany & Sweden

.Florian Voss, Tenor, studies with Douglas Von Edelmann in Europe and Canada.  He has performed with various international opera companies in Europe and is presently engaged with the Royal Stockholm Opera in Sweden.  He has appeared with The Velvet Curtain Company in Toronto, Canada and premiered new Canadian Operatic works by Douglas Rice

Ingrid Otto-Papst - Germany

."Douglas, ein kleines Dankeschoen fuer einen wieder sehr gelungenen Nachmittag mit vielen musikalischen Koestlichkeiten. Du fuehrst Deine Schueler mit sicherer, geschulter Hand und sie haben grosses Vertrauen zu Dir, dass kann man merken.  Alle Saenger haben ihr bestes gegeben und sich in die Herzen gesungen. Du bist eben ein ausgezeichneter Lehrer, der weiss, wie man junge Talente zum Erfolg bringt.  Nochmals lieben Dank, und herzlichen Gruss, Ingrid."

Erica Skowron - B.C., Canada

"Douglas' effervescent enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the voice and vocal repertoire make him an excellent teacher and vocal coach.  He will teach you how to sing excellently and inspire you to be the best musician that you can be.  Further to this, you will have a lot of fun getting there."

Richard Mells - New Zealand

“I knew Douglas through his teenage years up to the time of launching his younger career. He showed great promise as a singer and actor at that time and I believe that he has now proven to be a very fine professional artist.”

Wayne Line - New York

“I have worked with Douglas on several productions and have found him to be a very organized and professional colleague. He takes time to pay attention to detail and to the needs of the people around him. With each step in any production he finds ways to ease the path so you never feel pressured or confronted. I have always enjoyed working with Douglas and hope to have many more opportunities to do so again in the future."

Sherry Nott - Alberta, Canada

"I have known Douglas since he was thirteen years old. Even as a young student Doug always presented himself with passion and a keen sense of what constitutes great musicality. In his career as a performer and teacher this has been enhanced and enriched until today; which finds him as a wonderful performer and teacher who is highly respected in his craft.  To study with Doug is to be much desired. He is committed 100% to all facets of his talents. Doug is much sought after and extremely successful. I wish him the joy he instills in others."

Terri Mort - Alberta, Canada

"With intelligence, multifaceted in voice, dance and drama, Douglas Von Edelmann brings warmth, humor and an understanding for the mechanics of music and vocal psyche. I have watched Doug in various capacities over thirty years, all the way from community theater to instruction in professional vocal seminars. He is able to orchestrate soloists, choirs and ensembles to be as one with their passion of song. He is encouraging, whilst honing into an individual's vocal needs, clearly recognizing pockets of possibilities in others talents.  He has the ear and eye through, what must be years of international exposure to great talent! Doug is charismatic in building confidence in young singers and quick to determine how to expound on the voices of others.  He transfers the importance of self discipline and is very accurate in his personal vision as an artist. Director, mentor, teacher and singer, by knowing his art so thoroughly he is able to raise the bar for others!"

Gordon Cleland - Niagara, Canada

“Douglas is an excellent tenor with a lovely voice and a talented composer that I have known for several years.”

Peter Pastuovic - Oakville, Canada

"I had the pleasure of interacting and performing with Douglas during our undergraduate studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.  Very early on I could see how passionate and dedicated he was about his craft and that he would go on to achieve great things with his music, or with any other endeavor for that matter.  It has come as no surprise that he continues to be a highly sought after vocalist and  teacher." 

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